Jeff Hinson

Welcome to the website of Jeff Hinson. I am a Jesus Freak, Entrepreneur, Computer Programmer, and Engineer (usually in that order, too). I am involved in numerous ministries and businesses, most of which are either internet-based or located in my home state of Colorado.

Most of my work is performed under the umbrella of one of my companies, but I occasionaly contract or consult directly.

To say hi or ask me a question, email me at:

jeff @ [no spam, please]


Dendra is a software incubator I started as a way of packaging and releasing my software. Some highlights include:

To learn more, visit the Dendra website at:

Unite the Bride

Unite the Bride is a faith-based nonprofit organization I created. We use technology to connect, enable, and support Christians, churches, and charities.

Currently, we have projects focused on issues around human trafficking, homelessness, prison, and a few others. To learn more, visit the website for Unite the Bride at:

38 Celsius

38 Celsius is a software incubator I started with my long-time friend Tyler. Together we are focused on creating beautiful and valuable software that businesses will actually want to use.

To learn more, visit the 38 Celsius website at: